Photo Restoration

This old French Chateau was the ancestral home of the client. It had burned in a fire many years ago. The faded and damaged photos were the only record left. Seventeen photos were able to be restored to the original black and white.
Photo changed to BW with missing mule’s leg restored
This was a 100 year old photo colored to look a painting. It was on thin cardboard and in 3 pieces. It was scanned, pieced together and restored
The details in the background seemed almost nonexistent in the original. Details were restored and color changed to black and white.
An interior room of the Chateau restored to BW
Step one from damaged negative to restored photo
Step two from damaged negative to restored photo
This favorite photo was taken in 1971 while on vacation. Color was brightened and damages repaired.
Old portrait made of light weight canvas-type paper stretched on a frame. Someone put a foot through it and the client thought it was lost forever until she saw another repaired photo.
This very old damaged image included the clients grandfather and his father as a little boy
Blotches were removed and vignette added to prepare for framing.
More than 50 year old photo of the client when she was 18. This had green splotches on the hair and face and other damage
Faded, red photo brought back to original color
My first child at 2 1/2 months old
Photo from 1975. Red was removed and color brought back to life.